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Mock the Greek

Being in London, the time inevitably comes when you will find yourself in a discussion comparing your home country with another. Most of the time the discussion goes on lightheartedly, with everyone being genuinely excited about another country’s traditions, natural beauty, culture and any other you-name-it peculiarity. And when things turn a bit uncomfortable, it’s usually easy to stir the conversation to some weird or universally accepted horrible aspect of the english reality to break the tension – the weather being the favorite, even if British are parts of the company.

But every so often there will be somebody that’s just way too boastful about how awesome their home country is and how no other country can even compare to it. If that person happens to be Greek – unofficial statistics show that 66.9% of Greeks abroad have a tendency for this sort of behaviour – please resist your wish to punch them; it’s rarely considered constructive and your host probably doesn’t like blood stains on their floor. Also, do me a favor and leave the economy aside.  Instead, you can pick from a variety of arrows to use to counter-attack from the excellent animation below. I hear what you say, but yes, Greece is identical to Italy in all the situations in the video, except maybe the coffee – our frappe is just way too dominant!